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Who can use this platform?

#1 - Seeking Exposure: This can be an entrepreneur, company, actor, actress, musician, athlete, start-up, lawyer, inventor, doctor, stylist, designer, restaurant, etc. etc. You name it! If you or your place of work / product / area of concentration needs exposure in the media, you have come to the right place! 

#2 - Publicist: Whether you own a public relations agency, work for one, or just have some awesome experience in public relations with your connections and you wish to gain more quick one-off jobs, sign-up (publicly or anonymously) and start helping people get the exposure they want! (all Publicists signing up will go through a full vetting process to ensure the high quality standards of this platform)

#3 - Journalist: You are working for a media outlet, or used to, and you are seeking potential leads on stories... Sign-up and get connected with people who want their story told! (all Journalists signing up will go through a full vetting process to ensure the high quality standards of this platform)


How long does it take for me to get exposure once I submit everything in?

Once a Publicist or Journalist accepts your posting, we give them up to 14 business days to complete the job. If for some reason the job is going to take longer, the Publicist or Journalist working on your file will inform you.

Ahh! I forgot to include some details in my original posting... What can I do?

Tis all good! Once a Publicist or Journalist accepts your posting, you will be notified right away. At that point in time you can enter a private chat room on our website and discuss any additional information they should know.

I want to know the name of the Publicist or Journalist working on my file!

Privacy is very important, and so we unfortunately cannot release the names of anyone as per our Privacy Policy. To ensure we have the top people in the world of journalism and public relations working through this platform at a budget you set for them, anonymity is important. Please do not ask any Publicist or Journalist for any of their personal and/or contact information, as that may result in your account being blocked immediately.

Nobody has accepted my posting... What should I do?

If nobody accepts your posting within 7 days, it will expire. You can then re-post it, however, we suggest you try increasing the budget and/or expanding the areas of concentrating / type of media outlet(s) you want to be placed in. The more options and broader the range, the better!

I want a media outlet to review my product. Who should I ship my product sample to?

Once your posting has been accepted, the Publicist or Journalist taking the lead on your file will inform you of who you can ship the product to (if needed). Medẏa and our Publicists/Journalist cannot cover any shipping costs, and cannot be held responsible for any lost/damaged goods that are sent out.

What if I don't like the final placement/copy once it comes out in the media?

Our Publicists and Journalists are on your side and will always try to ensure the most positive outcome from pitch to final placement. Throughout the entire process, they will be in contact with you on various stages and when possible give you the final review before anything comes out. If for some reason you are not happy with the final placement, please communicate with the Publicist or Journalist first, as they may be able to get it fixed, before submitting a claim for review into

How much does it cost to sign up?

It is FREE to create an account and post your job. The only cost is the budget you set for the exposure you seek, which is paid upfront and then either transferred to the person working on your file, or refunded back if not completed or accepted.

To make sure this platform only has the best and highest quality of Publicists and Journalists working on cases for people, we charge an initial one-time fee of $499.99 for all Publicists and one-time fee of $199.99 for all Journalists signing up and submitting an application for review. That fee is only transferred through fully if the application is accepted.

I have more questions, who can I ask?

We love hearing from you and are happy to answer any further questions. Head over to our CONTACT PAGE and ask away!